Three brothers who have worked since their childhood in a well-known company for milk products agreed to create a corpora- tion. They decided to continue their professional life as a family company with a brand name of ALTINKÖY. They started to produc- tion in December,1998. ALTINKÖY started to produce fresh kashkaval cheese with a capacity of 2000kg milk per day in a 200m2 area in the Taşkesik Village in Torbalı, Izmir. Until 2001, the production has been developed gradually and emphatically day by day. After 2001, ALTINKÖY decided to give more priority to investments and increased the capacity of production with additional buildings. Although some other kinds of milk products have been produced, ALTINKÖY choosed to be an expert for kashkaval cheese production. ALTINKÖY improved its production capabilities by following new technological developments in the sector and selecting state of the art machines. Year by year ALTINKÖY increased its capacity. In 2005, ALTINKÖY differentiated among its competitors by having a Clarif ication machine(for cleaning the milk).

ALTINKÖY improved its food safety by having automatic packaging machine. Throughout intensive studies ALTINKÖY deserved the certification of ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP 13001.

In 2006, ALTINKÖY has become a company which has substantial customers portfolio and created brand name of ALTINKÖY. The company got the certificate of ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System by implementing new working conditions.

In 2007-2008, the current closed area was expanded and the milk manipulation capacity increased to 50ton/day. ALTINKÖY became one of the leading companies by having kashkaval cheese grater machine in 2008 so that the product portfolio broadened with grated mozarella cheese. In the beginning of 2009, ALTINKÖY added to its portfolio a new product called sliced kahkaval cheese.

In 2011, the company desired to get HALAL Certificate for its products after increased capacity with new grating and slicing mchines.Day by day, ALTINKÖY improved its facility conditions. Therefore, ALTINKÖY gets Approval Document after serious audits by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Lİvestock so that ALTINKÖY increased its reliability. For its customers’ convenience ALTINKÖY developed new product called Grated Kashkaval Cheese. Company continues its operations with the product capacity of 250 tons/month.

ALTINKÖY developed its company size in a self-possessed way with its owned equity so it retained a robust position in the sector. ALTINKÖY made up a principle that to keep the customer satisfaction as priority with the sustained product quality.