Milk Receipt

The tour to the taste and quality is starting.

Eating cheese is a pleasure but to produce cheese requires big effort. You cannot imagine how many steps are there in making one slice of cheese. The milk collecting people around Bayındır are bringing fresh milk everyday to our factory. Raw milk is tested according to Turkey Food Legislation to determine the existence of bacterium. The raw milk is transffered to the cooling tanks after the analysis of acidity, dry matter, fat and antibiotic is done. Then the raw milk is processed through the clarificator machine in order to purify it from some contamination matters.

After these steps the raw milk is pasteurized in order to make it healhty for human. With the help of this process all the undesired things in the milk are destroyed so that the quality of cheese can be increased.

Process and Raw Cheese

Milk meets ferment

The milk which is pasteurized and clarified is transferred to the process tanks. Milk is rised to the temperature which is neces- sary for the fermentation and then coagulum occured. Then the coagulum is seperated and cheese whey is seperated from the curd. After that, the cheese is taken to the resting tanks so that the water(cheese whey) is removed.

The cheese is like pastry

The cheese is like pastry

The cheese curd is pressed and it is scalded. Then with addition of salt it takes the form of pastry. As a consequence of the fermentation, the cheese is processed easily in the scalding step.The cheese which is now like a pastry through heat treatment, is coming to the sizing machine after the kneading process. Then it is transferred to the dies for desired portions.


Special slicing machine is used for slicing the kashkaval cheese which has been produced as a block. The slice thickness can vary from 0.5 mm to 30 mm according to selected program. The slicing process for Altınköy Sliced Kashkaval cheese is performed by programming as 3 mm thickness 7,5 cm and 8cm cross sectional dimensions. In that area for production of 500 kg per hour sliced kashkaval cheese, ALTINKÖY sliced kashkaval cheese that seems like playing cards, is being ready for customer's use and contiunes to its travel through packaging.


Quality and Taste is being packed

The products are being packed in hygenic condiitons with a thermoform machine and transferred to the cold rooms. Before they are transported, they are controlled by all kind of analysis. The ALTINKÖY taste which has the conformity of TSE, is now on the way for your pleasure.